25 July 2014

Family Day Out.

Public holiday on a Monday! Come on it's the besttttt thing ever!

Too bad most corporate in Penang doesn't even declare it as a public holiday. COME ON!

Learn to treasure this island please. Heh.

I just realized that I typed wrongly on two separate dates. Oh well. This was on a Saturday, not on Georgetown World Heritage City Day!

Anyways, we all slept till the sun came up and then we decided to drive to the other side of the island. Queensbay Mall yo!

Lunch was at BBQ Plaza. Mom's all time favorite place. She prefers the one in Gurney plaza though. Nicer environment and friendlier service. 

The baby girl is only about 1 year and 3 months plus. She already know how to eat by herself. Messy for sure but oh so cute wei. Such a smarty girl. 

Give her a hp and she knows exactly where to look into. 
She's only one year old plus! What is this.

Then, if you hold a phone in front of her, immediately she will do this *points below*

This baby is vainest of all. No kidding.

Ahhhhh why you so chooobeeeee shanin!

Anyways, we did some window shopping after lunch and dad decided to take us on a spontaneous trip to Gertak Sanggul. Another sneak peak to the place. Haha. 

The beach will always be my happy place. 

 Sand. Sea. Sun. Sha Lynn. Sarah.

Oh my. I think I'm balding. Time to do something new to the hair.

Hello you there. See you in few days' time :)

We all zonked out on the way back home.

Great Saturday spent with the Khoos, a Phor and a Sha.