30 July 2014

Day One of Selamat Hari Raya.

Date: 28th July 2014.

Before I start babbling on what we did and how fun it was, let me first say to all my friends who are celebrating SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI! 

Okay, back to this. 

I think I've said this too many times but then so what right?

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS THAT FALLS ON WEEKDAYS ARE THE BEST! Especially when it's on a Monday. Such feeling is so indescribable.

Anyways, dad has planned this trip months ago for a camping trip at Gertak Sanggul but since most couldn't make it, we decided to change it to picnic instead. 10am to 6pm. 

It was a family gathering but my family invited a few close friends too to celebrate this awesome public-holiday-on-a-Monday together. 

I think there were close to 30 of us. We rented the hut and the whole corner lot of the beach were ours for the day. 

It was best of both worlds. We have the salty sea water meeting the clear cold freshwater from the hill. It was so ideal. Hot and cold. So nice okay.

The cousins shared money to get an inflatable boat that's big enough to carry three adults at one go. That was the boat that brought us all the way into the scary cove where snakes would love to live. Probably crocodiles too. Hah. And crabs. For sure big yummy juicy crabs. 

One of dad's favorite thing to do is catch crabs here. All you need are just chicken heads tied to the crab-trapper-thing and tie the trap with a long rafia string and a bottle. Then, drop them into the inside of the cove and let the bottle float so you will know where the traps are. 

Very easy. Then, you can go check after every 30 minutes or something, depending on how impatient you are. Heh. During that waiting time, we just sat around chillax a while and look at people taking turns on the boat to explore the cove. 

All the judges giving directions to people on the boat on how to paddle and grab those traps, while enjoying kuaci under the tree.

The first round that we checked, we caught the biggest catch of the day. It was super huge! 

Look at that! I know it doesn't look as big as how I'm trying to describe it but it's super huge. It's half of the bucket base. The size I mean.

Bigger than my feet this one.

Total catch: 8 crabs. All very fresh and yummy.

That's what we did at first. That and eating. Whole day we ate nonstop. Nasi lemak with sambal udang, homemade hot dogs, mom's tortillas, char bee hoon, chicken rice, bee ko, char koay teow, a gallon of lemon water, free flow of icy soft drinks and a lot of sand to feast our feet. 

Oh, the night before, Kelly stayed home and helped mom to prepare all the food. Good girl Kelly. Mom was making a statement while she was tearing those chicken breast, "You koyak two times, makan one time, in the end my chicken all in your stomach." It was funny because of how mom said it. Heh. Good laugh in the kitchen.

After makan, we soaked in the sea and swam out to the middle of the sea. MIDDLE. Hahaha. That's middle for me alright. Surprisingly no one seemed to be bothered with the fact that there might be plenty of jelly fish around us when we swam out. I was the only paranoid one. 

"I got no shades, so might as well close my eyes"

The little longkang that allows the hot and cold water to mix.

Soaking in the cold water. 

Shaun: Guys, I need to pee. Where's the toilet?
Me: *seated down with my back facing the sea* *points behind me* Nah, there.
Shaun: Har? Serious ah?
Us: Yeahhh.

While he was at it, Nikki shouted, "Shaun, what you doing there? Peeing ah?"

Immediately after that, all the kids who were playing at the shore area ran up, feeling disgusted. Hahaha. It was such a funny moment. I think 30 minutes later, everyone went in again. 

Oh ya, thanks Naomi for the photos taken with your Go Pro. It's so fun and easy to use that I'm actually considering to get one. Can go underwater sumore leh. Hmm..

The three sisters. We love the beach. Anything to do with the sea, we like! 

Middle of the sea. It's actually very far from the shore, but quite safe lah cos on the left side (can't see in this photo) is like covered with land. It's like covered jungle kind. I don't know how to say lah. Okay, you just see the photo below correct d. 

The three girls had their first onsen experience in a small cement cubicle. Ahh fun times :)

All the fun watery things we did :))

Oh, we also played captain ball with my dad and cousins in the water. IN THE WATER WITH SAND! Most tiring run ever, but the most fun because can dive into the water and not get hurt. And there is no 'out' line. Nobody cares about the 'out' line guys. Nobody. Hah.

So, I randomly mentioned that those who did not find any siput will have to belanja dinner. We spent a good 30 minutes in the evening by the beach korek siput. I don't know how to describe that feeling of finding one siput after digging don't know for how long. It's the same feeling as scoring a goal when you're playing against the state team or something. Something like that lah.

That explains my 'obsession' of korek siput. Obsession, how Koay puts it. 

Koay emo in the middle of the sea. Probably thinking if he should have change his job from the finance industry to the fishing industry, since he's at his favorite element right now. The salty sea water.

Looking at us still in our comfort zone looking for our little buddies.

We ended up with quite a lot of siput. The biggest one was found by Andrew. His proudest moment in life. 

You'll be surprised on how simple things like korek siput can make you happy. It's always the simple thing sin life that makes the most memories. We didn't even have to spend money on this. It was absolutely a beautiful day spent.

We left the place about 7:30pm and headed to Green House for dinner. Let's not forget the part where we were stuck in a standstill (at one point!) jam for about an hour plus at Gertak Sanggul area. Lousy traffic light. 

Also, got souvenir for myself. Andrew Chan so confidently said, "Here no rocks! Can start swimming. Can kick your leg! SWIM!"

And I did. Kicked my leg and swim while holding onto the boat. Straight hentam-ed and scratched my left feel top part onto the super sharp rocks underneath. A good part of the skin and flesh came out. Yes, I'm limping a bit to work this morning. Just a little bit. No biggie.

After that, we were like, "Swim faster! Sharks probably can smell my blood or Sharon's!" HAHAHA!

Ahhh we need to do more of this kind of bonding time. Super fun.