07 July 2014

Off On Monday.

What makes a Public Holiday a better one?

When it falls on a Monday!

Hello everybodyyyy. 

So good to be back here with ample of time to do nothing and blog. So, MITM Fair is finally over. Such relief although it was so much fun.

I may whine and complain once in a while about how tiring it is and stuff but at the end of the day, it's still worth it.

I may have talked to like 15 sets of people (be it families, couples or singles) and only managed to close one sale for Club Med, my heart still celebrates with joy. Funny hor? Spent so much time and effort talking and convincing people that it's really a good promotion (with flight ticket!) and people still will walk away and miss out that chance. All it needs was one sales and that was enough for me.

I have people asking me if I earn commission during this fair according to the number of pax I get. Nope, no commission. No benefits. No free trips to Club Med. No special gift etc. 

I just genuinely like this holiday product a lot that when I convince people, I share with them my experience. Yes, it is a more expensive kind of holiday but IT IS an ALL INCLUSIVE HOLIDAY. The food is amazing with unlimited beverages (whether alcoholic or not). 

One of the most worth-it package during this fair was Club Med Maldives, inclusive of flight tickets. I always tell people that if you have the budget, you should go. It's only about RM6500 for one adult at LAGOON SUITE, flying with MAS. Normal price is easily RM8,000-RM9,000 for just the resort stay and NO flight tickets. 

Earlier this year, I went to KL for the MATTA Fair and couples who came usually will straight get Club Med Maldives. I think because they know how cheap it is after the discounts. For Club Med standard that is. I kid you not. Go there no need spend extra money and you will enjoy yourself till like mad wei.

Anyways, I truly find that joy when I made it happen for people to go for holidays. 

So, it may be tiring and I may have hurt my throat by constantly talking loudly (very noisy during fair!) and may have dozed off a few times while driving home from SPICE, in the end it's all okay and good. 

I love what I do. I love the industry I'm in. It's meaningful.

My pay may not be as high if compared to me taking up a job in the finance industry (especially with my first class honours degree) but I'm happy and happy girls are the prettiest :)

Oh and no I wasn't trying to show off. If anything, I want you to do what you love and not what pays you well.