18 July 2014


While in the ferry heading back to office from Prai, I took the time I had to read on the updates of MH17. 

As I read more about the tragedy and see photos of friends and families, unknowingly my cheeks got wet.

I don't even know anyone on board. 

I tried imagining if my family or my friends were on board, how my emotions would be and more tears came down. My heart felt weird. 

So, it is impossible to understand how extremely difficult it is to get this kind of news and having to live with it forever, especially when it's your loved ones. Unless you have gone through something similar. 

One family that made me cry even more is this man travelling with his 3 grandchildren were on board and was killed. All three of them were below 12 years old. How do you accept this? How?

Locals at the scene mentioned that they saw things falling down from the sky and some were humans. Some had no clothes on because it was burned off and some had very little left on them. Another man said he walked around the scene and he would see one infant just lying there. It's horrific. IT'S ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. 

How does people recover from this trauma? How..

The man next to my car were probably wondering why I kept wiping my tears. 

After a while, I stopped reading. 

I prayed for a while.

For peace. For comfort.

Rest in peace, passengers and crew of MH17. You will forever be remembered. 

Families and friends, hang in there. Sleep and eat because you'll need all the energy to live a day at a time.