10 October 2014

Chek Hup 3in1 Ipoh White Coffee.

What a funny/weird/random update today huh?

I decided to write about my experience with Chek Hup just because.

Not that I have some unique experience with this brand lah.

I just wanted to update about something and this somehow caught my attention for today.

So, I was the one who did the shopping for all the snack items during my company's trip weeks ago. I went to Tesco to get the stuff and when I was looking to get coffee, I was stuck. I was literally standing in front of those packed coffee and stared at it for a good 2 minutes.

How to know which brand is good?

I need to get a packet of no sugar one and then less sugar another packet.

Believe it or not, I left Tesco without any coffee in my trolley. WITHOUT.

After seeking help from my colleagues, they gave me specific brand to get so I drove to Sam's Groceria and got Chek Hup. One packet no sugar, means 2in1 and another one packet with sugar, 3in1 but less sugar one. 

Good thing I didn't get them at Tesco because it was fifty cents cheaper at Sam's Groceria. So, I got the coffee and thought that the packaging looked pretty nice.

We didn't finish the coffee over at Cameron Highlands so we brought it back. We still have a lot of it actually! I took one 3in1 and decided to give it a try. 

So not me okay. It's really true that packaging does wonder to you. I only wanted to try because I like looking at the packaging. Not so much on the individual packets one, but the big one. 

Anyways, I came back from sales and was feeling exceptionally thirsty and decided to give this a try. 

I usually don't like my coffee hot and even more so when I was feeling super thirsty. So, I mixed it up with some hot  water and then campur iced cold water in. 

First swallow was amazing! The aroma of the white coffee is superb! Love it so much that I finished half of it on the second 'sip'! 

Maybe I was too thirsty lah that's why swallowed so much but it was really good. 

In fact, it was my first time finishing the whole cup of coffee by myself in the office. It's good. Really good. 

Side note: like my new manicure? I've always loved French style. This one is gel manicure sumore, so longer lasting it is :)))