07 October 2014

Three Days of Goodness.

The only Public Holiday this year that I didn't go out of the island, I think.

It's also the only Public Holiday this year that I actually slept in until 11am. 

The Khoo Clan's cycling trip was on but I was too tired and sleepy to join so I skipped that.

Just when I thought the whole day was just going to be relaxing kind of day, Koay planned a trip to the gym.

Free trial rocks! :)

Spent two hours working out, talking, and RPM-ing.

Now I know why people would spend hundreds per session for an hour with a trainer. It really works better like that. If I ever subscribe to a gym membership, it would be Absolute Fitness and I will need a trainer. Can be guy or girl, doesn't matter as long as they are a professional trainer! Heh.

Anyways, my weekend and Monday was fun-filled with activities and events and bonding time. Love ittt.

October is a fun month guys. All the upcoming getaways. Ahhhhh it's so nice! :)))

Wedding dinner at Eastin Hotel. Red wine for me and wiski for him :)

AYC promo trip to Prai Church!

My favorite thing to do in gym now: ROWING.

Bonding session with the mama. Gel mani/pedi FTW.

Fruitful week it has been.

Thank You Jesus for providing :)