09 October 2014

Renewing that Red Book.

Your passport has less than six (6) months validity to your date of travel or it had already expired long time.

Pejabat Imigresen Georgetown.

Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.

The office opens at 7:30am, so you can be there by 7:25am and get in line to take the number. To get the number from the officer, you have to present your current passport and Identification Card, then only you will be given a number.

All you do after you get your number is to wait. Try to find a seat if can. Usually, the staffs move slower in the morning no idea why. So, be prepared to wait for quite some time there. Of course if you see an elderly person needing a seat, you should must get up and offer yours. Manners first people. Manners.

When I got my number, I almost drop to the floor. There's 134 people before me leh! It's crazy. I waited in there for a while but it got too crowded so I stood outside for a while. Then, I was thinking of the things that I need to have to renew my passport and remembered that I need to have two pieces of my recent passport photos.

Not wanting to waste time and since I have so much time doing nothing other than standing by the side of the road, I walked to the Sri Weld Food Court to get my passport photo done. There's one small shop at the side of it. 

The shop owner told me that now no need to prepare passport photo beforehand. Everything will be done at the booth inside the office. Not very clear of what he meant, I walked back to the office. This time, I walked further inside until I saw the booth and then only knew what that shop owner was talking about.

When they call for your number, go up to the booth, give them your passport and IC. Then, they will ask you to sit down in front of the camera and sit up straight.

As you sit there and stare at the camera lens, the people waiting around are also probably staring at you. ONE OF THE MOST AWKWARD SITUATION TO BE IN. That lasted for like 2 minutes then you will be asked to wait for another booth/officer to call out your name.

Then, they will ask you a few questions like your mobile number and your current address etc to update your profile. They will also ask if you would like to renew your passport for:

2 years - RM100
5 years - RM300

I did mine for 5 years. No way I want to go through this again. Waiting for hours. Madness.

After that, they will ask you to wait (again!) to make your payment. So, I waited again. Most of the wait happened while standing. VERY LIMITED CHAIRS. 

I had one chair to myself for a good 12 minutes then I gave it up to an elderly woman who obviously needed the chair more than I do. My legs can still manage my weight and I'm still young okay. So yeah. GIVE YOUR CHAIR TO SENIOR CITIZEN PLEASE. There were so many young adults who were sitting down. Probably cos they can move faster towards the seat whenever someone gets up. Seriously..

Anyways, I paid RM300 to a lady also named, 'Sarah'. I know because when she called my name, she gave me the warmest smile. I couldn't tell why because she seemed to be annoyed with the previous person until I saw it on her name tag :)

Then, she will give me a receipt with the 'time to collect passport' on it. Mine was stated at 1:45pm but since I had things to do, I came only at 3:10pm. (I spent about 20 minutes going around the area looking for a parking space!).

When you go back to collect your passport, you have to show the receipt paper to the counter where you first take your number in the morning. He will then give you a new number for your passport collection which only operates at Booth 8.

Sixteen people before me. Not so bad. At least it's two digits, not three.

This time, I only waited for less than 30 minutes and it's done. 

All done.


Whole morning and partial noon gone just to renew the red book. Please, if you need to renew your passport, DO IT FOR 5 YEARS.

I'm excited for November to come already. It's super exciting. More on that later. You might already know through my Instagram or Facebook or Twitter but you don't know where! Muahaha.

Till then :)