30 October 2014

Let's Go, World.

In about 5 days time, I will be flying out of Malaysia again to yet another all expense paid trip by Club Med.

The first time I ever went to a Club Med Resort was at Club Med Cherating in December 2013. Close to two years ago.

If you start a conversation with me and if you happen to mention about Club Med, I can spend hours talking to you about it, maybe even trying to convince you that the price you pay is worth the holiday you get with Club Med. 

That's of course if you are looking for one that is 100% relaxing and you do not want to leave the resort at all. You just need one holiday that needs you to not do anything else there except relax, enjoy, drink, eat and play. 

You pay whatever the price is before you go and when you're there, no need to carry money with you. Eat all you can and drink all you want. Yes, wine and cocktails included. 

No, the 'rules' where it says no handphone and watch is allowed is a myth. They will tell you not to bring those because Club Med wants you to forget about time when you're there. That's the very definition of relax isn't it so? Of course no such rules implemented at Club Med lah. Duhh. 

With all this, I'm feeling very blessed (over and over and over) because this time I get to try Club Med Bali at Nusa Dua, Indonesia. I'll be joining with the others from other agencies in Malaysia. Not so sure if I'm the only one from my company but from Penang branch definitely so.

I'm very excited for this trip because I know how relaxing it's going to be. Also, I get to try their white water rafting which is part of the excursion arranged for us. LOVE IT!

Anyways, having the opportunity to travel like this (FOR FREE!) at my age, seeing the different worlds out there is a dream come true. A dream that is beyond belief that will ever come true to me. 

Let me tell you a story of a boyish-girl who turned a lady :)

Ever since she started going to school and learn about history and geography, one of the things she knows she will love is travelling to these historic places and go around the world and meet different kind of people, trying out weird tasting foods. 

However, from 7 years old till when she was 19 years old, she was not allowed to travel. To go on school trips. One day trips. Friend's birthday parties. Sleepover parties. All that, zero. Her parents think that she was too wild to be going out like that. Believe it or not, at the age of 17, her close friends even wrote a letter to her dad, asking for permission to let her go on an educational trip to KL with the rest of the schoolmates. No was the only answer she got. 

That means when she was growing up, she never once got the chance to travel. No need to talk about outside of Malaysia. Inside Malaysia also impossible already. In Penang also elek. So yeah.

The best part?

Both her sisters get to travel all they wanted, anywhere they wanted. Be it school trips or personal trips with friends. It didn't matter how old they were. They still get a yes for all that. Madness right?

That girl is obviously me. 

To be honest, I was quite a rebellious daughter growing up so I can kinda understand why my parents do whatever they did. I grew to be thankful of how they have 'protected' me from going wild and stuff.

I remembered very clearly that I prayed a lot on this, that one day I will get to travel around and that I will love every moment of it. I think I was in Form 4 when I started praying for this. 

I know God fulfills the desires of my heart and I know He knows what I love to do most and stuff so I didn't like pray the selfish prayer anymore since. I learnt how to thank Him even when I didn't get things I want at the time I want them.

With all these travel opportunities given to me, I'm overwhelmed with God's ways of telling me that He's taking care of me. He knows me. He sees and He knows. Everytime I think of it, it's tornado inside my emotions. I'm so thankful for all that He has given to me.

From not getting to go anywhere with my friends to travelling the world (one at a time!) at ZERO cost, that's God. That's definitely God.

I always tell my parents, "You both don't let me go out all last time, now God straight bless me with free travels!"

Family's inside joke.

All is good.