13 October 2014

Go Away, S.

I'm so stressed out that steamboat could be the only thing now that can make me feel normal again.


Mom is still in Loh Guan Lye Hospital.. Low count on white blood cells.. Doctor is hardly saying anything.. The blood result came out fine.. We didn't know anything until Mr.Khoo take a look at the blood test result..

Dear Doctor,

How about letting my dad take your salary since you ARE NOT doing your job and he's doing a better job than you. My mom has been lying down on the hospital bed since yesterday and she still feels super dizzy.. Not sure if your nurse forgot to give her the antibiotics or you forgot to tell them to do so.. Seriously... DO YOUR JOB.

I have mentioned this many many times, and today I will still say that for any emergency cases, PLEASE GO DIRECTLY TO GENERAL HOSPITAL!

We brought mom to the emergency room because she was really weak, dizzy and always feeling like she needs to vomit. The hospital wouldn't let her get admitted into her room until I pay RM300 for deposit. WHAT IF I HAVE NO CASH MONEY OF RM300 or I didn't bring my credit cards with me that time? They will let her wait till someone comes over with that RM300?!?!?! 

After I pay and the officer was in the midst of processing some paperwork, I asked if now she could be brought to her room so that she could lie down, her answer to me was straight no. 


So, we waited until she finish photo copying mom's and mine IC then only get another man to escort us to the room. 


The whole entire time while I register, mom was suffering trying to sit on the hard-plastic chair outside of the emergency room. Her head was tilted so low because the giddiness was literally killing her.

I am really speechless to how private hospitals treat emergency cases. Thank God I wasn't admitted to any private hospitals, if not I would prolly be in Heaven now. 

I don't know if other private hospitals have this kind of procedure (I hope not!), but my experience with Loh Guan Lye Hospital this time isn't a pleasant one. 

How disappointing.