17 October 2014


This place has been quiet for so many days?

I didn't even realize..

That's how F1-fast time passed through me..

Let's go through the days just because I don't know what to blog about today and I'm feeling a little bit under the weather to need to do something that requires a lot of brain power.

Then, I realized that trying to think through my happenings for the past few days requires probably same amount of brain power.

Oh well.

- Drove to office earlier than usual days and parked at the nearest spot I could find.
- Walked to the Dim Sum Restaurant opposite KDU College to get meself some ham+pork floss buns. I don't like pork floss (bak hu) but this is the only exception because it's super yummy.
- Walked back to the office and waited for Jayne.
- Carpooled with her to Kulim for a corporate roadshow.
- We relied on Waze 100% to get to Entegris.
- Set up the booth which includes wiping the rice + curry stained tables.
- During break time, I decided to get this blog a domain. Paid and thought I did everything rightly, but the domain ain't showing anything else other than Godaddy's page. 
- Decided to leave it for few hours cos maybe it needs hours before it's activated.
- Left Entegris in the evening and went to another corporate to collect cheque, also with Waze and only Waze.
- Got home, changed and rushed to Gurney Paragon Mall for momzay's birthday dinner.

- I had my cold soba again. 
- Checked the domain again and same thing.
- Sent an emergency whatsapp to Ben and gave him all my information. 
- Drove to Karpal Singh Drive and had coffee-relaxing-time at the Coffee Smith, which soon you will see how we review them.
- Ben whatsapp-ed back and said, "It works now". I can finally breathe again.
- Got home and lied flat. Oh, of course I showered first.

- Finalize the US visa application online and check on certain things.
- Left office with the big boss to Prai for a corporate lunch with a secretary and the GM, Finance Director.
- It turns out to be a fun car ride with the boss. Not what i thought it would be - awkward.
- Had choo char at a local kopitiam, only people who works in Prai would know.
- My aircon decided to be on strike on the day my boss sits my car.
- She was drenched in sweat. I'm sorry!
- Rested in the office for 20 minutes then attended the sales meeting from 3pm to 7pm.
- Fetched Koay and head back to take a shower.
- I had Stuffed Fish for dinner which I regretted after the fourth bite.
- Back to his house for a friendly mahjong session with his family.

- More US visa applications came in.
- Songs on Youtube is loading and surprisingly really quickly.
- With one earphone in my left ear, I'm singing it out, no shame whatsoever if my colleagues are listening. 
- It's Friday so that means the working mode is in blinking green light. Anytime, can turn red. 
- Lunch at the economy rice shop opposite First Avenue with my fellow Gunung Irau's climbers :)
- Drove to Prai with his car via ferry.
- First time there were 8 lanes heading to mainland. 
- Rained cats and dogs so I decided to come back via the bridge. Scared the sea gets too choppy or the ferry turns over and sink somehow. Hah.
- Trying to think very hard where I put the receipts for my car's visit to the mechanic. 
- Waiting so impatiently to go home. I JUST WANT TO GO HOME NOW.