20 October 2014

More Off Days Please.

Off days are supposed to be doing fun things at own pace and timing, using less of brain power, have more sleeps and feeling very relaxed.

Off days include weekends, public holidays, medical leave and replacement holidays.

Unfortunately for me, it has been countless of weekends that does not at one bit feels like off days.

Fortunately for me, most of those weekends are surrounded with people I less than three and doing things that I enjoy.

This weekend though seemed to be the most tiring so far. 

So tiring that I woke up today wishing that it was Sunday. Not because I needed more sleep, but because I really need one off day.

Countdown to upcoming off days: seventy two hours.

Then again, am I really ready to conquer this Gunung ah?

Highest mountain in Cameron Highlands.
15th highest mountain in Malaysia.

No, I don't think so. Honestly it's going to be one of the craziest thing in my list, considering that I did not train prior to this. I'm nowhere near the requirements that my body supposed to have to climb 2110 metres high.

Gosh, the only 'training' I had was the youth park one that we went weeks ago and that also I did until number 3 only. In my defense, I had period that time and I was not feeling too well. Heh.

Ready or not, here we come, Irau.

You better get ready because by hook and by crook, I ain't backing down. 

Determination, check.

No photo of me being at the peak of this mountain, NO COMING HOME! :)