23 October 2014

Happy Deepavali 2014.

So here I am trying to calm myself down and write type this.

Fuhhhh. This is difficult. I'm a bit too excited to finish work today. Then, we'll be on our way to the highlands. Maybe overly excited.

Before I begin,  let me just explain just why I'm feeling too excited.

It's my first time ever going for this kind of holiday. It's just too exciting. Real camping under the trees, in the jungle, sort of. It's crazy to know that we'll be sleeping in tents for the next three nights. Starting tonight :)

Okay, back to this.

So, like I said yesterday, it was a very productive day.

Knowing the fact that it was going to be a Public Holiday the next day, I went out with one of my favorite boy, Jer and other boys. We hung out at PSC till the sun almost came out. There was just so many things we talked about and it was undoubtedly one of the most fun night I've had since very long time. So, that was nice.

I slept at 5am and woke up at 9am. Four hours of not very pleasant sleep and no, I'm not complaining. Heh. We went to the cemetery and had brunch at Song River with the family. 

Koay and I left earlier and headed to a friend's place for a Deepavali visit. We ate again. Not so much this time. We stayed a while and it was time to leave again. 

We didn't even have any time to hold hands and breathe. Haha. 

Anyways, we drove back to town and went a massage session. I bought this on Groupon long time ago but we kept delaying them because neither one of us are usually free at the same time or they don't have the free slots that we do, so yeah.

Since we were going to hike up that mountain early morning tomorrow, might as well relax our body first. Haha. Our treatment was called 2 hours Full Body Aromatherapy + Hot Stone Therapy.

We were served hot glass of ginger tea and did our feet massage thingy first. We didn't know it was included in the package but why not since they giving to us anyways. Then, they told us they were going to 'wax' our feet. Dipped both our feet in melted wax. HOT MELTED WAX.

I find them really hot but for Koay, it was nahh.. Wuttt? His skin is like plastic or something. Hehe.

Can I just say that this is the best massage that we both have ever had? 

It was..

All the ones that we went previously was either too painful or too painful. This one was perfect. Also, all the one we went didn't have as much privacy as we would like it to be. We were both separated into two 'cubicles' separated by a cloth/curtain. We were asked to not wear anything other than the disposable underwear given. 

They only open the cloth/curtain after we were both lying down on the massage table, covered with more cloth. Very comfortable okay. There were like heating pad underneath our body. MOST COMFORTABLE THING EVER!

We had the most amazing time relaxing doing nothing but have our body massaged.

My favorite part has got to be when they use the hot stones on our back. At first, it was too hot for me but after that, I wanted more of those stones. Definitely my type of massage. More hot stones massage for us okay, Koay? :)

Believe it or not but we decided to go straight to Giant to get some of our groceries for the camping RIGHT AFTER the massage. Usually, people would go home and take a short nap or something.

We shopped a while, went home and rested and then out again for his dad's one-month-early birthday dinner at Eden, Hutton Lane. It was probably the quickest and simplest dinner because we were all pretty worn out. 

When I got home though, I watched two episodes of The Walking Dead before I call it a night. Haha. Love this TV series.

Ahhh. What a fun day it was. Public holiday not wasted for sure :)

Also, I probably won't be able to update till when I come back from Cameron Highlands. Maybe I will try to do some with my Goldii, but let's see how. 

I can literally hear Koay saying this to me now, "Go holiday no need to use phone so much lah.. except take photos nia.."

He's right. I won't.

Okay, bye you guys.