14 October 2014

Garden/Beach Wedding at ParkRoyal Hotel, Penang.

I mentioned once in Facebook I think that I love love love attending wedding events. I love looking at the beautiful bride and handsome groom and be part of the joyous celebration. Even if I don't know anybody else there, I will still enjoy myself. It's like I'm often in my own world when I'm there.

Of course for the food also. The typical weddings that I've ever attended are the chinese version where guests are served with an eight course meal, which by the end of the 7th dish, the glutinous rice, the stomach is already ready to explode. 

There's just something about the eight course meal that I really love. 

Months ago, I was notified by Koay that I am also invited to his cousin's wedding. His mom's sister's only daughter. I was happy. 

Then, I saw the wedding card and happy is definitely an understatement. 

Under the Venue title wrote the word BEACH and SEMI FORMAL.

Believe it or not, I immediately put a note on my Calendar just in case I forgot about it and booked another plan that day. 

When the day finally came, the whole family woke up at 5:30am and took turns to get ready. First time ever wake up so early and have to do makeup all sumore, such funny feeling. I was quite awake though seriously need more sleep. Excitement does wonder I tell you. Oh, and I was wearing a piece of jumpsuit I got in Malacca. It looked like a mini dress but it's actually pants. So comfy.

We reached ParkRoyal Hotel at about 7am, helped to set some things around. When we got to the garden, I realized it's not at the beach like on the sand and stuff. Though its view is towards the beach. 

Anyways, the place looked amazing! It was all so simple and nice.

We hang around for a bit, greeted the guests and waited for the bride to come. She finally came and walked down the beautiful aisle with her dad.

It was a Christian wedding ceremony so everything was kept simple. It was a small scale wedding. Only 60 people were invited.

After the ceremony, we had our brunch underneath those pretty trees. It was hazy but cloudy. Sort of. The sun came up once in a while but when it was nearing to 11am, the sun disappeared and the weather was perfect. Seriously, everything just fit rightly.

It was one of the simplest yet meaningful wedding I have ever attended. Although i had to sacrifice my mom's heels :(

Oh well.. Congratulations Emmanuel and Jessica! :) We are so happy for you! :)