09 March 2013


Today, I almost hit a mother and son along Penang Road. Like few centimeters away almost. It's crazy.

I was driving as usual and make a right turning at the main traffic light. I thought it was green, so I just turn. As soon as I turn, Koay suddenly yelled "STOPPP!" like really so loudly and caused me to step on my brake pedal instantly. Stopped directly in front of the baby in the stroller. I turned back and saw that traffic light became red. And everyone was looking at me as if I purposely go against the red light, but I really remembered it being green. I don't know.. :(

Good thing Koay got his head up and saw them in time to shout so loudly that made me stop immediately. If not, both of them would be hit and probably be thrown at a distance because my car was not in the slow speed. IT WAS SO SCARYYY!

Just few more cm and I would have hit the poor baby.

I was trying to get some sleep when I got home after the hunt but could not sleep. Kept replaying that moment in my head. All the what ifs keep playing in my head. I'm just beyond thankful that nothing serious happened. I feel very very bad for making the mother so upset and probably traumatized a bit. 

Thank You God for a miracle today!