25 March 2013

Dua Puluh Lima.

Let's be random again. I like doing this once in a while when I don't really know what to write about. Heh. And since today's date is 25th and also because I'm in my sweet 25th this year. LET'S DO IT!

---> VANESSAKHOOYOONGMAY! What's with the "Went with the crazy sister and her crazier boyf, and grumpy bestf." Mau mati ka you ni? But at least you know how to mention that he's crazier! :)

---> After getting ready for work this morning, I went and lie down next to Kelly and just hear her breathe while she's sleeping. I closed my eyes and remembered that time when she was wheeled out from the delivery room and I knew she's an angel God sent to us. I hear her breathe and almost got me into tears because it made me realize that I love her to bits and pieces. This baby rocked my world since eight years ago :)

---> Every morning after getting settled in at the table, I will and I mean WILL go into Groupon/LivingSocial/MyDeals and you know the rest. And I just did for two different makan place. Ahhh. Can't resist those great deals leh. Haha.

---> It's five hours to go until I land my backside on top of the hill. PLEASE BE VERY COLD UP THERE! PLEASEEE.

---> I miss eating at Yuzu. I have never liked Jap food until I ate at Yuzu. Occasionally I crave for Jap but ever since the Yuzu experience, I want to eat Japanese food almost everydayy! Ahh the craving madness.

---> I finally found time to cut my too-long-dirty-disgusting-nails. Okay, not disgusting maybe. It's just way too long and I can never find time to cut it and properly shape it. It's true. I really got no time to sit down and use the nail clipper. Sad heh.

---> It's one month away to meeting Sha Lynn. Oh that fat cheeks, I can't wait to kiss and hold her tight the lil angel of ours!

---> When I was playing Tetris on Saturday at the Star Edu Fair, I keep losing. Out of 10 times that I hit "Start", the "YOU LOSE"  that pops out after 2 minutes comes out nine times. But everytime after I lose, I kept wanting to hit "Start" all over again! That's right. Lose nine times, win one time. Still success. Haha. ---> I miss my old house at Tanjung Bungah. I preferred the current house but I really do miss that place. All the random time on swimming and going to the gym with kelly or even "practice" our floorball downstairs. Heh.

--->Just started on Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. Looks very very interesting. Zombies and mysterios scenarios. So far so good.

---> Koay helped me with my leg hair last night. Just before I go off on my retreat :) My boyfriend is the best because he never complains having to help me do it. In fact, when I first got this mean machine, he was more excited than me to use it. Of course he couldn't wait to use them on me. MAD PAINFUL! But it helps. So yeah, no pain, really no gain la. It's a machine (Epilator) that plucks your hair, but this one, it plucks A LOT of hair at one go. Instead of using the old way and pluck one by one. Or shave which is a big no-no to me cos your skin also got shaved along. Sometimes, I use the Veet cream because we too lazy. Sweet hair adventure we've got there :)

---> I haven't seen my favorite twins for more than 2 weeks now. SO SAD!


---> I still waiting with so much hope that Blackberry will have Instagram. PLEASEE. And praying hard Andrew will give me the Blackberry when he wins the video competition of which WE HELPED him with! :) HAHA.

---> I have tons of papers on my table but I have no motivation to clean and manage them. HOW? It's so messyy!

--->I haven't eaten a good bak kut teh for the longest time already.

---> I would like to experience 4 seasons. The only way is probably staying overseas for at least a year :) How does honeymoon for a year sounds like? Hmm.. HAHAHA.

---> I just realized that I don't have any torch lights to bring to the retreat this week. Arghh.

---> People always regard me as "too in love" due to the fact that I love posting up photos of us together. I can't help it I guess. I just found that one person, that one person that never fails to change my D: to :D At times, it's so annoying because I can never have a day to emo. he just won't let me to. Once, I got emo for the most stupid reason and he would just laughed at it in front of me and make me laugh too. It's been one year and it's been amazing :)

---> I have too many food vouchers in my files that I have yet to use. Hopefully none expired yet. One of which is a Japanese fine dine :)

---> I have two boxes of Nerds in my drawer that's been there for a long time. Still not empty.

---> Went home for lunch and mom has already re-moved everything in the house. Feels like I'm going back to a new house entirely. SO HOMEEYY!

---> That day, Koay found a bottle of yogurt drink in my fridge that have already expired 4 days and while he was telling me about it, he was drinking it at the same time. I was like, "WHY ARE YOU STILL DRINKING THEM?" and he's like, "Expired d ma, faster finish it la." Speechless moment I had with the mad.

---> I'm popping Euphon pastilles everytime I finish sucking on one. I'm gonna get diabetes like that, but I've got no choice. My cough won't go away :(

---> Walking Dead is starting to freak me out. Good sign that it's going to be my another new favorite TV series.