13 March 2013

Kelly SMS.

*received an SMS from Jenny Kang at 4:19pm*

Kelly: *using my mom's hp* sarakhoo are you done a not
(I know it's kelly because my mom usually calls me straight)

Me: Huh? I finish work at 6pm. Whyy

Kelly: *still using mom's hp* Because i want to buy ice-cream.

Me: But I cannot give you my car now

*then no reply*



On another note, I googled and comapred all four Blackberry Bold that ever existed. I so badly want it.

It will come true. It will definitely come true. Praying hard on this one :)

Blackberry please get the Instagram app! PLEASEE! :)

Such a beauty you know.

People who have used BB before will for sure say that it's a very nice phone to use. I used it for only like less than a year and I'm like so obsessed over it d.