21 March 2013

It's A Wrap!

SPM RESULTS ARE OUT! Excited because the lil sister of ours took SPM last year. She's finally 18 this year. Soon she's going to be driving the car around town or getting married. Okay, maybe I'm going too fast but hey, she is the lil sister/baby/daughter all this while and she will continue to be till the end.

Anyways, just want to say we are so proud of you. I am proud of you. You gave your best in all the papers and now TIME TO CELEBRATE! :)

Results aside, I miss Alvan! I miss carryinghim and just looking at his cute face. I can just stare him all day long. The way he smiles without anyone even trying to make him is just too adorable. How can anyone be so cute? HOW!?

He's a half half baby. Half Malay and half Chinese. Mixed blood really make cuter and more gorgeous babies eh lo. Too late for me to do anything now.. Hahaha :P

Watching his videos can make my day better. Funny heh. Arghh ALVANN!!

I'm just being a bit random today because I don't feel well. I have horrible sore throat and blocked nose and it doesn't help that on top of all that, I had to drive to Prai today and meet some clients. But oh well, give thanks in any kind of circumstances. That I can do for sure.

One more day till weekend.

IT'S A WRAP YO! Done with all scenes. Fingers all crossed for the final product. Can't wait to watch it! Beautiful sunset is beautiful.