05 March 2013

Family Dinner.

SPECIAL occasion calls for SPECIAL dinner with SPECIAL people.

DadKhoo's blessed birthday.

And so we decided to go eat something unusual and yummy to the max and far from the island.

Raja Uda is not only famous for tomyam okay. You can read all that in our food blog! :)

I'm not going to talk about how heavenly the steamboat was and how we ate to our hearts' content. NO KIDDING. Every drop of sweat is so worth it :)

It's that goooooooooood!

It was a fun night because:
  1. we convinced Kelly to join us
  2. there was not much of traffic on the bridge
  3. tasting boiled bacon for the first time
  4. we had the best han chin peng ever
  5. the soup is refillable
  6. Koay peeled the prawns
  7. okay maybe not all cos Van peeled most of it
  8. no one fights over the strips of abalone
  9. teased Vanessa till she got speechless
  10. got entertained with Nathan and Jayden's video
  11. discussed about the Sulu issue
  12. realised that boiled bacon is quite horrible to eat
  13. we tried on pandan fried stuff and loved it
  14. we took the ferry home
  15. koay looked hilarious in the family photo we took on the ferry (his hair)
  16. their toilets have air cond
  17. I might be able to be in the room when my sister give birth
  18. Vanessa and Rachel were born in a clinic. Me, in Adventist *proud*
  19. family is love :)