10 March 2013

Hunt For Charity.

Charis Hospice Hunt For Charity. Six hours. Four heads. 

Registration per team  is RM400. I saw this earlier in Facebook but did not join because it was too expensive, but in the end because two people from Dream Catcher last minute couldn't make it so we ganti them.

We knew there were gonna be puzzles and codes to solve but we didn't expect it to be so difficult. In summary of the event, everything was hard. The only thing which I thought was the easiest is the roti canai making. That also Koay made it seem so hard. Kidding. Hah. 

Shall say no more and let you view the photos. All in random order because I'm too lazy.. 

Our brekkie.

The chef and his masterpiece :)

sepak bulu tangkis which I suck so bad in it.

Everyone taking the wrong picture.

The correct one.

The girl can write some chinese letters. Not bad hah.

Wrap bak chang with sand.

Our pet, Froggie.

Ways to wear saree. Me, pro okayy.