02 March 2013

Salty Sweat.

Today, the three of us woke up an hour early to get prepared for our weekly Saturday training. First time of going back there after six months plus. All are excited. I was too sleepy to join in their excitement. So sleepy till I drove to the wrong place. Good thing we were not late when we went to the right venue. Hah.

Anyways, holding that favorite stick of mine after so long feels so so good. I never thought that I have missed playing it so badly. You know, I do miss it but it's like the moment I held it, my world just came together. Of course there were fitness sessions into it. That, I don't miss so much. Holding the stick and chasing after the ball is so much more enjoyable. 

Kelly definitely played more of floorball too today. She really went for it, you know. Like charging towards the opponent for the ball. Not bad my kiddo. Vanessa Khoo leh, well she have more stamina than me. We did suicide rounds today and she was for sure faster than me by a lot! Like a lot a lot! 

Here's to many more training and sweating while we still can :)