31 March 2013

Sunday Blue.


Back to normal means no more holidays to expect in a short period of time. I think my next getaway is in May. END OF MAY. But good thing Sha Lynn is coming in one month's time. So that I will look forward too. Very excited about that for sure. 

Sister's wedding makes me emotional. So, for sure Sha Lynn being born would make me even more emotional. WAY MORE FOR SURE. Ahhh! Praying hard that her doctor will allow me to enter the delivery room with Kah Wei as well. He didn't say no when she asked so that means still got hope. 

I do not look forward to waking up at eight tomorrow. Monday blue started today. It is indeed sad. 

Oh ya! Blessed Easter everyone. 

So in awe that Jesus the perfect Son took our fall and died on that wondrous cross for each one of us. Mind blowing, yes. Indescribable love for us, yes. My forever Love, hundred percent yes.

I should now go chill and have my Iced Mocha to painfully accept the fact that I HAVE TO GO WORK TOMORROW.