11 March 2013

Mixed Emotions.

...because now I really want to get a Blackberry Bold, but they don't have the Instagram app, which I really like.

...because Koay is spending his short holidays in one of the most haunted place in Malaysia, but in the end he decided that he is gonna sleep in First World's lobby. Better to be safe than sorry. He asked me to google Amber Apartment and boy, all the horror stories are top in the page. I read some, and goosebumps happen. Even people who has their rooms in First World Hotel that face the apartment experience weird things and demanded to change room. GELI BETUL. The other four boys mad eh lo.

...because there are chances that Sha Lynn might come out when I will be at Penang Hill for the Leaders' Retreat.

...because period cramp sucks.

...because I realized now that I'm complaning way too much in a day.

...because I am spending quite a lot in online shopping. Deals like massages and fine dine in restaurants and baby washable diaper and so many more things, how to resist like that. HOW?

...because Glee Season 4 totally knocks me off my feet.

...because I want to eat at Yuzu again so badly.

...because I am gonna let my hair down completely (some kind of metapohore) and enjoy to the core at Penang Hill in three more weeks time.

...because Spencer is such a gorgeous looking lady.

...because it's thirty minutes till I eat again and be at my sweet home.